Charity sale to benefit the RESTOS DU COEUR

jeudi 27 avril 2023 19:00
Salle 9 - Hôtel Drouot , 9, rue Drouot 75009 Paris
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For the benefit of the RESTOS DU CŒUR

Thursday, April 27, 2023 at 7:00 PM

Hôtel Drouot room 9

In the presence of Patrice DOURET, Volunteer President of the Restos du Coeur

and Romain COLUCCI

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Wednesday April 26 from 11 am to 6 pm

Thursday, April 27 from 11 am to 6:45 pm







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OGER - BLANCHET : Géraldine Olivez : 01 42 46 96 95 -

LES RESTOS DU COEUR : Florence Priano : 01 81 70 80 77 -

A Charity Auction to benefit the RESTOS DU COEUR ...

This idea is the result of a promise between France de MALVAL and Véronique COLUCCI.

France de MALVAL has created for a House emblematic of French know-how a network of remarkable women

professionally and humanely. Véronique was invited to join this network and was very much appreciated.

In order to pay tribute to her and to help Les Restos du Coeur, France de MALVAL and the Restos du Coeur volunteers who accompanied her, have mobilized

who accompanied her, have mobilized together many institutions to collect prestigious lots for the association.

The prizes in this catalog are the result of this solidarity: the world of gastronomy, cultural institutions, the luxury and tourism sectors, but also the

and tourism sectors, but also personalities and artists closely linked to the Restos du Coeur were keen to participate in their own way in the fight against hunger,

in their own way, in the fight against the precariousness which is constantly increasing in our country. They have offered exceptional gifts that will be

under the hammer of Maître Adrien Blanchet, at Drouot, salle Prestige, on Thursday 27 April at 7 pm.

This 38th campaign is already difficult for the Restos du Coeur, notably because of inflation and the energy crisis.

energy crisis: we are witnessing a strong and rapid increase in the number of people received in our centers: + 22% compared to last year on the

compared to the same period last year, in just a few months.

The objective of this Auction remains faithful to Coluche's Little Idea and in this inflationary context, to collect funds to allow us to continue our action.

funds to allow us to continue our action with the most destitute is essential.

We count on you!

Patrice DOURET

Volunteer President of Restos du Coeur

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