BERLIN IRVING [1888 , 1989], compositeur... - Lot 282 - Oger - Blanchet

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BERLIN IRVING [1888 , 1989], compositeur... - Lot 282 - Oger - Blanchet
BERLIN IRVING [1888 , 1989], compositeur et parolier américain d'origine russe. Ensemble de 2 lettres dactylographiées signée adressées à Gene Fowler. Datées du 15 férvrier 1955 et 23 mars 1955. Il y mentionne son travail à Hollywood. « I did a stretch in Hollywood for about three years and came back completely exhausted, so am trying to take it easy now. » ; « Harry Brand did thank me and explained your delay in replying to my note. [...] I, too, have been under the weather the past month, but with me it's usually a let-down after a seige of hard work in hollywood. I once said to Irving Hoffman that I used to wonder where my next song hit was coming from and I worry where my next good night's sleep is coming from. It's amazing how low you can get and how black the world can look when you don't feel weel regardless of what so-called material things may be staring you in the face. »
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