HÉBERT Antoine-Auguste-Ernest [Grenoble,... - Lot 224 - Oger - Blanchet

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HÉBERT Antoine-Auguste-Ernest [Grenoble,... - Lot 224 - Oger - Blanchet
HÉBERT Antoine-Auguste-Ernest [Grenoble, 1817 - La Tronche, 1908], French painter and draftsman French painter and draftsman. 10 autographed letters addressed to the art dealer Hector Brame. Rome 26 December 26, 1890 - February 8, [1892]; 21 pages in-8°, of which 6 on the letterhead of the French Academy in Rome. About the purchase of paintings, after a visit of Hector Brame in Rome where Hébert is finishing his second his second directorate at the Academy of France. In December 1890, he indicates the address of two Roman artists who await the visit of Brame's visit. "My pupil [Alexis] Axilette accepts your proposal while regretting to give you an unfinished painting. As for me, I would have preferred to hear you formulate a price before saying mine. But since you wanted it to be otherwise, I accept your wish. The Italian painting being the only one and the last one that I will make in this kind during my current stay in Italy, I could not to an amateur for less than 12,000 francs. But to you Mr. Graham, I will let it for 10000 ". On February 20, he sent a crate containing his painting to Mrs. Van Heyden, the study of Axilette, and "a head of the Natalina who appears in the shadow behind her mother in the painting of the Bastardella (small commission) that I beg you to accept in good memory of your trip to Rome". He hopes that the painting will have a good effect "with its background which represents an old palace that has become a stable. Image of the family which took refuge there". The following letters following letters are letters of complaint to obtain the 10,000 francs agreed upon "the appointements of director having ceased for me". At the beginning of 1892, he was still owed 2000 francs: "I am here to finish my paintings, waiting for the first days of good weather to to work outside. But not having any more salary, the money runs out quickly. [...] I beg you to think that I am out of my country I beg you to think that I am out of my country and in a city where little painting is bought at the moment. Two other autograph letters to Robert d'Ursel and to Mrs. Van Heyden, about the possible loan of the painting acquired by the latter, are attached. the possible loan of the painting acquired by the latter for an exhibition to be held in Brussels in in the autumn of 1893.
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