FROMENTIN Eugène [La Rochelle, 1820 - Saint-Maurice,... - Lot 218 - Oger - Blanchet

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FROMENTIN Eugène [La Rochelle, 1820 - Saint-Maurice,... - Lot 218 - Oger - Blanchet
FROMENTIN Eugène [La Rochelle, 1820 - Saint-Maurice, near La Rochelle, 1876], French writer, romantic critic and painter. 18 autographed letters addressed to the art dealer Hector Brame and 3 letters autograph letters to Mrs. Brame. Saint-Maurice (La Rochelle) or Paris, 1870-1873; 45 pages in-8° or in-12°. Very nice correspondence to his dealer, concerning his work, paintings that he has to rework, frames and borders. rework, frames and borders he needs, etc. ─ St Maurice near La Rochelle November 25, 1870. Fromentin took refuge in La Rochelle while Brame was in Brussels, and in contact with Durand-Ruel, who was installed in in London: "Mr. Durand-Ruel even tells me that you would consider a permanent establishment in Belgium. Knowing you, I conclude that you will discover assured sources of business there. And I am am delighted for you and for all those whose interests are linked to yours. I myself will find a real advantage I myself will find a real advantage later on, because the French outlets will be lacking for a long time to come. for a long time to come, we will have to think about creating our own business elsewhere. For the moment, of course, my work is null. [I do not believe that there is in France at the present time, many painters enough detached from what happens around them to take care of other things than public misfortunes. I distract myself by preparing paintings which, perhaps will never see the day. Or which, in any case will not be of a nature and size to be sent to you. As in other letters, he worried about the payment of his Parisian rent, which he owes to Mr. Diaz, wishing to be considered as a permanent tenant despite his absence from the capital. ─ September 19, 1871: he will send him by train a case of paintings, "although it costs me to part with them without being equally satisfied with each one, I deliver them to their destiny. [...] The case will probably contain 10 or 11 paintings. I am not sending you the Bivouac in the morning with the three horses in the pasture. This painting is insufficient as an execution. As for the painting of Venice (Palazzo Ducale), I am also keeping it for the same motive and I replace it by The Grand Canal, same format. [...] I am not selling it to you, I am entrusting it I'm not selling it to you, I'm entrusting it to you, you'll show it to me and see what people think of it. It is good to test a little the opinion on this new genre. [...] As for the painting of Egypt with boats, I took it over entirely in one day of good humor and good mood and improved it greatly. [...] When the cleaning of this painting will be done, you will will recognize that you have made a golden deal. The following November 23, knowing Mr. Brame absent, he asks his wife to take back his painting of the Grand-Canal, "I will need to see it at home ". It is then a question of financial and business arrangements, notably with Durand-Ruel. ─ November 6, 1871: he announces his upcoming return to Paris, returning with a few more paintings. "Don't expect to see anything very good or anything done. These are two paintings in progress, that's all. And that it is impossible for me to finish in such a short time. In spite of all my good will since. 6 weeks I worked only on one wing, and I lost time on one or two paintings that you will not see and that I was forced to abandon". On May 14, 1872, he drew up a long list of objects that he would need and that Brame, traveling in North Africa, could bring back to him (clothes, objects of cavalry, photographs...), list that he charges Mrs Brame to send to her husband. On November 14th following, Brame having become his owner, he asks him to make if possible repairs repairs and installations in his Parisian housing. It is still a question of orders or sending of frames and borders. The last dated letter is written from Vichy on July 12, 1876, hardly more than one month before his death, which occurred in La Rochelle. death, which occurred in La Rochelle on August 27.
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