DAUBIGNY Charles François [Paris, 1817 -... - Lot 201 - Oger - Blanchet

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DAUBIGNY Charles François [Paris, 1817 -... - Lot 201 - Oger - Blanchet
DAUBIGNY Charles François [Paris, 1817 - id., 1878], French painter and engraver. 3 autographed letters and a letter from his widow, addressed to the art dealer Hector Brame. December 24, 1872- March 27, 1878; 3 pages in-12 or in-8 and 4 pages in-8 on mourning paper. - Auvers June 20: "I have just received the case for the painting of Mr. Rousseau. I believe that the I believe that the retouching will take longer than he may think and that it may lead far away. In this case, do you think that he would give 1000 francs? [...] I will send you in the next few days a painting that is finished, it is the one that Mr. Larrieu It is the one that Mr. Larrieu, I believe, must take back from you". - December 24, 1872 : Suffering from a cold, he will not be able to go home: "It would be as unpleasant for It would be as unpleasant for you as for me to hear me coughing at the table. - Friday evening: "It will be impossible for me to go tomorrow to see your gallery and eat the friendship. I forgot an invitation that I had for that day". - May 27, 1878 : three months after the death of her husband, his widow addresses to Brame to come to the help of her daughter Cécile daughter Cécile and her son-in-law, the architect Casimir Lenfant, by selling a painting by Daubigny by Daubigny "which is not without value" that her son-in-law possesses, the latter not having yet enviable position.
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