JOYEUSE Henriette-Catherine, duchess of [Paris,... - Lot 49 - Oger - Blanchet

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JOYEUSE Henriette-Catherine, duchess of [Paris,... - Lot 49 - Oger - Blanchet
JOYEUSE Henriette-Catherine, duchess of [Paris, 1585 - id., 1656], daughter of Marshal Henri de Joyeuse. de Joyeuse, she married Henri de Bourbon duc de Montpensier, then in 1611 Charles de Lorraine duke of Guise, to whom she carried the duchy of Joyeuse. She was the mother-in-law of Gaston of Orleans, brother of Louis XIII and the grandmother of the "Grande Mademoiselle". Piece signed as duchess of Montpensier, 3 1/2 page in-folio. Estimate of tailor Jacques Buissous of the hotel of the duchess of Montpensier, for the year 1609, for 8 persons / 2 pages, 3 footmen, the muleteer, the coachman and the porter. The hotel of the duchess is six rue de Grenelle, parish Saint Eustache. The estimate amounts to 1600 livres tournois, of which the of which the receiver of the aforementioned lady, François Peyrat, pays 800 to him. The clothes are with the livery of the duchess the duchess, abundant, for example 2 doubled coats for the mule driver, 2 complete clothes, 2 pairs of garters, 2 hats and 6 shirts.
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