JOSÉPHINE Marie-Josèphe Rose Tascher de La... - Lot 48 - Oger - Blanchet

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JOSÉPHINE Marie-Josèphe Rose Tascher de La... - Lot 48 - Oger - Blanchet
JOSÉPHINE Marie-Josèphe Rose Tascher de La Pagerie, known as Joséphine de Beauharnais [Trois-Ilets, Martinique, 1763 - Malmaison, 1814], Empress of the French. Set of handwritten documents and correspondence concerning the succession of Empress Josephine at Malmaison. - Cellar of reserve - Inventory of the wines and liquors remaining in cellar, on June 1, 1814 in the castle of Malmaison. 4 pages in-folio. List in the form of a table indicating the number of the cellar, the year of the harvest (from 1797 to 1807), the name of the wines and spirits, the number of bottles or half-bottles. A column is reserved for observations, specifying the origin, whether they were purchases (most often by the sommelier or by the Intendant General Montlivault) or gifts. There is only one gustatory appreciation, it concerns bottles of sparkling champagne from Mr. Moët, from Épernay, it is noted: "bad". The account indicates more than 6000 bottles and 800 half-bottles of red, white or rosé wines, rums, ports, muscats, champagnes, anisettes, liqueurs, brandies, etc. Many of these bottles were acquired from the Duke of Abrantès, and among the donors were the Duke of Valmy (26 bottles of Johannisberg), Prince Eugene (138 half bottles of Italian wines), Cambaceres (23 bottles of Madeira wine), Rose Tascher de La Pagerie, Josephine's mother (20 bottles of very old rum), Cardinal Maury (49 bottles of Tavel). - Catalog of Paintings and Antiques. List of 170 paintings, authors and subjects, numbered from 1 to 337 with interruptions (and 5 lines crossed out), classified partly in alphabetical order, from François Albane to Emanuel de Witt, then in a more random way where one notes the names of the greatest artists of the Renaissance until some contemporaries of the Empire like Joseph Vernet or Nicolas Taunay. "There is moreover a beautiful collection of Etruscan vases and antiquities of Herculaneum, 4 statues [...] beautiful tables of granite and mosaic, as well as marble columns, &a, &a " (5 pages folio). With a second list of fifty of these same works (including 3 scratched) with the mention "to carry to Paris / order of September 28 [1814]" (2 pages in-folio). Let us quote among them : Rembrandt, Portrait of a man (no. 106), Rubens, The Child Jesus and St. John (no. 112), Leonardo da Vinci, Virgin nursing her child and Virgin and two children (no. 134 and 135), Veronese, Portrait of a woman holding a child (no. 141), Joseph Vernet Landscape of Italy (no. 146), Carracci Polyphème and Galatea (no. 261), Van Dyck, two portraits of Charles I and his wife (no. 245), Perugino, The Virgin, St John and St Joseph (no. 272), Titian, The Virgin and Child Jesus (no. 284), Poussin, Landscape and Factories of Rome (no. 293), Murillo, The Guardian Angel (no. 318), Raphael, Joan of Aragon (no. 335). - Estimate of the real estate located in the department of Seine-et-Oise, established between August 8 and November 4, 1814 by the lawyer Simon Cordival and the architect Edme Bataille, on request of the proxy of Prince Eugene (39 folio pages in a sewn notebook). Detailed descriptions, with measurements of the surface areas, giving a total value of more than two million francs. A first section concerns the castle and park of Malmaison (with plowable lands, pastures, woods, English gardens, carriages and instruments of rural economy), the domain of Boispréau (buildings, gardens, nurseries, meadows, plowable lands, woods, pieces of water), the grounds and buildings of Saint-Cucufa, the domain of Buzenval, and finally the lands rented by leases. This first part is followed by a summary table. The second part is the estimation of the ordinary or emphyteutic leases, as well as the annual and land rents of the lands of La Chaussée (acquired in 1813 but whose usufruct still belongs to Madame de Mesme). - 5 letters addressed to Baron Darnay, friend and secretary of Prince Eugene. 1816 and 1825-1826 and undated; 13 pages in-4 or in-8. Sending by Mr. Young of a reply from the chancellor of the order of the Iron Crown, with envelope only of the said reply (Vienna 28 November 1816). After the death of Prince Eugene in 1824, the sale of the Malmaison estate was discussed: in July 1825, the financier Henri de Pellapra bought the property, stating that Malmaison was in a deplorable state despite the maintenance costs incurred by the Princess of Bavaria and that he intended to live there with his son-in-law and daughter (Emilie, recently married to the Count of Brigode, suggested that she was Napoleon I's daughter). The following year it was the banker Joseph Henry who said he was ready to buy the estate for the sum of 2 million francs. A handwritten fragment of a simulated account of the sale price of the Malmaison (1 page in-4, torn edge) as well as a note signed by the notary Casimir Noël addressed to the State Councillor Gaspard Gilbert de Lamalle about an offer of
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