BERTRAND Henri-Gatien, count [Châteauroux,... - Lot 6 - Oger - Blanchet

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BERTRAND Henri-Gatien, count [Châteauroux,... - Lot 6 - Oger - Blanchet
BERTRAND Henri-Gatien, count [Châteauroux, 1773 - id., 1844], French general, companion of Napoleon at St. Helena. Set of 5 autographed letters addressed to his son Henri. 1836-1842, different format in-4° to in-12°. They relate the conversations and exchange of letters on the debts of his son "From day to day I waited for this letter and at the end of three weeks you write to me: "I can say to you frankly that I do not know me any more debts that that you know. As for the tailors, they are not in a hurry considering the small amount I owe them. A debt of 5 to 600 francs is a small sum for you. Worthy words of a [...] who in three years has eaten half of the patrimonial fortune." On the Succession of Madame Bertrand "It is necessary to add to the power of attorney: "The power in proceeding to the liquidation of the succession of Mde Bertrand, that of proceeding to all accessory and incidental operations, notably to the liquidation of the succession of ... Mrs. Dillon, of which Mrs. Bertrand was the beneficiary heir, and also to the liquidation of the estates of Mr. Hook, uncles of Mrs. Dillon, merged in the estate of the said lady, declaring that each of the powers they have given for the liquidation of the estate of their mother, apply to the liquidation of all other estates". and exchanges of news. Beautiful correspondence.
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