DOM ROBERT (Guy de CHAUNAC-LANZAC, 1907-1997,... - Lot 262 - Oger - Blanchet

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DOM ROBERT (Guy de CHAUNAC-LANZAC, 1907-1997,... - Lot 262 - Oger - Blanchet

DOM ROBERT (Guy de CHAUNAC-LANZAC, 1907-1997, after a carton of) & TABARD FRÈRES & SŒURS (lissier)


Tapestry in polychrome wool decorated with three roosters, bees and butterflies on a background of mille-fleurs.

Signed and dated 1966 in the weft, weaver's monogram and signed in felt pen by Dom Robet on the original bolduc on the reverse side bearing the number 1321.

198 x 254 cm

Guy de Chaunac-Lanzac studied at the École des Arts Décoratifs. On his return from military service in Morocco, where he drew a lot, he worked at Tissus Ducharne. He entered the Abbey of En Calcat in 1930, studied philosophy and theology and was ordained a priest in 1937. He began to draw and paint again and produced a series of watercolours which became cartoons and then tapestries when he met Jean Lurçat, who was visiting the monastery in 1941: "From that brief contact, I had the impression that I was working alongside an older brother who kept no secrets from me. He showed me his wool samples, (...) I learned the use of beating for the interpenetration of colours and all sorts of possibilities to get the best out of this warm material. I mean, the simplest classical vocabulary to achieve the most eloquent effects."

His woven work includes nearly 150 original cartoons, woven in Aubusson and in the Tabard workshops between 1941 and 1980, including Summer, Dom Robert's first tapestry, inspired by the plant and animal world that he enjoyed contemplating.

"In a tapestry, one walks... A walk without a precise goal, one enjoys strolling. A detail leads you to another, a red leads to a blue. Suddenly, you discover a bird, a squirrel that wanted to hide, you look for others as you would for mushrooms, the same pleasure as in an undergrowth, a sort of hide-and-seek game. In short, tapestry is more an art of time... Art of time by its manufacture also, art of long patience... "

According to the archives of the Museum Dom Robert and the tapestry of the XXth century (Tabard directory), this number corresponds to the 2nd copy woven of this cardboard. The 2/8 fell off the loom in March 1967.

A copy (6/8) is currently on display at the Museum.

We thank Mrs Sophie Guérin Gasc, responsible for the collections of the Dom Robert Museum and the 20th century tapestry, for this information.

Bibliography :

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Acquired by the Father of the present owner.

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