JEHAN-RICTUS (Gabriel Randon de Saint-Amand,... - Lot 35 - Oger - Blanchet

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JEHAN-RICTUS (Gabriel Randon de Saint-Amand,... - Lot 35 - Oger - Blanchet
JEHAN-RICTUS (Gabriel Randon de Saint-Amand, dit) [Boulogne-sur-Mer, 1867 - Paris, 1933], French poet.

2 autograph letters signed.

November 26, 1914; 7 pages in-8°. Addressed to a friend. "Your Apache is marvelous; quite simply. It is symbolic. He appears to me as synthesizing the desire of the people to redeem himself when the circumstances make him realize his physical filth and his moral scum which always go together. This one has redeemed itself, in my opinion, by a famous bloodbath. What a pity that, if he survives, he will not be able to become an honest man. Besides, the poor fellow has good reason to be ashamed, when one considers the frightening amorality of the rich classes and the politicians who double as lawyers. [The war will not change anything to the previous state of things. The same furious mercantilism will be found again: the same frenetic battle of the parties [] In reality, the entire German people, including the socialists, dreamed of a total extermination of the French in order to take their place. Underneath their pedantic blatherings, who dare to claim that the Germans are waging this atrocious war on the world "for its own good" in the name of a superior discipline that should lead men to a better civilization, there is simply the Belly and the Tail, there are the low and formidable appetites of a race that has proliferated too much and that simply and voraciously wants to devour the others. In truth: this war is nothing but Darwinian biology. One ant farm, formidably armed for war, has thrown itself on other peaceful and benevolent ant farms. If we don't get to the mass slaughter and castration of these bastards, it will happen again in ten years...

Paris, June 19, 1921; 4 pages in-8°, beginnings of a split in the fold.

"My dear de Rougemont, I thank you for having found me a subscriber for my possible Skeletons: but how did you do it? You do not know yet the price of the luxury copies, a price that will be very high, without me being able to specify it yet... I already have several subscriptions at a thousand francs a copy both in France and in Belgium, where I come from and where I brought these subscriptions. Now the Album will hardly be finished before October - November. I will go to finish it with friends in the countryside near Nevers where I am offered hospitality from August on. All this is still far away and almost random. However I have good hopes to finish it for October November. Willette, to whom I showed it, was enthusiastic. That comforts me. [] I do not know the Jasante illustrated with Forain's woods. This seems unheard of to me. It could only be a particular commission made to the artist. There was a drypoint by Steinlen for the Jasante. That's all I know...[] Not being able to find the price that was demanded, I had to return Gauguin's manuscript to its owner, who won it in Tahiti. [I have never written slang properly speaking, but spoken French. If it is mixed with slang, I can't help it, and there is no reason for me or for anyone else to separate slang words from French sentences in order to study them. To do so is an error into which a crowd of honest minds have fallen, dare I say it, everyone in our time speaks this French mixed with slang, as garlic is with leg of lamb"...
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